Top 8 Best Swim Trunks You Need in 2018

Since the weather is so high and hot these days, it is time for beach and swimming pool. When going to such places, there are certain outfits that everyone should respect and wear. For instance, when hearing about a beach, surely, bikini and swim suit are the uniforms for it. So today you will get to know about men’s popular clothes for swimming. It is none other than swim trunks. Choosing the best swim trunks will give you special features suitable for outdoor activities. It is light and thin that gives comfortable wear; especially, swimming with weight of water so it is safe. Also after getting wet from swimming, this pair of shorts will dry quickly. More than that, it is built-in with waist tie that secures on your body, so don’t worry about loosen waist size.

Don’t you want a pair for summer? You don’t have to go directly to clothes stores; instead, you just go through the text below to know more details of the product. Here are the top 8 best swim trunks which have great quality.

8. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunk

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunk

Do you like ocean? This is one of the best swim trunks with aqua color. It has a lot of sizes available from small to xx-large. Then there is no more concern about size. Moreover, it has another drawstring at waist line for you can tighten and adjust it to fit your body. The swim trunk is produced from pure polyester which can give smooth and soft conditions to your skin while wearing. It is safe for machine wash as well.

7. Speedo Men’s Marina Core Basic Watershorts

Speedo Men's Marina Core Basic Watershorts

How short do you like your swimming pants to be? This pair of shorts is mid-length little bit above your knees; the actual length is 20 inches. The swim truck has black color and is made out of polyester brushed microfiber and mesh lining for ultra-soft texture and ability to block ultra-violet rays from the sun with UPF 50 plus. Besides, there are two-sided cargo pockets constructed in case you want to carry your smartphone and cash along.

6. Kanu Surf Men’s Havana Elastic Waist Solid Swim Trunk

Kanu Surf Men's Havana Elastic Waist Solid Swim Trunk

Such a dual benefit of this short swim trunk, it is black and constructed with elastic waistband for free-size wear. However, there are also many more size options from smallest to largest of extended 5X. To add, it has a short length which is 7 inches so it is very comfortable to wear at home or even outside. Polyester is the main material of this pair of pants so you can trust quality and smoothness of it.

5. Kanu Surf Men’s Miles Swim Trunk

Kanu Surf Men's Miles Swim Trunk

With a high-grade material, this product is counted as one of the best swim trunks that provide you ultimate benefits. For instance, it is made from polyester and microfiber fabric which is potential in protecting your skin from UV rays entering by blocking with UPF 50 plus. This feature is wonderful for outdoor. In addition, it has strip pattern of red and blue lines. For laundry, you are able to wash it in a washing machine.

4. Frelik Men’s Swim Trunk

Frelik Men's Swim Trunk

Lovely, this swim trunk has really cute and bright color of green. You will feel energetic just putting it on. This trunk has a plain color design with white line strips at sides to make it more stylish. For more information, the length of this swim trunk is 20 inches and it has many sizes from small to extra-large. Additionally, it is made with elastic waist band and internal drawstring too. The two pockets of it enable you to carry around small stuff.

3. SUPERBODY Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Casual Swim Shorts – 2018 New Arrival

SUPERBODY Men's Swim Trunks Quick Dry Casual Swim Shorts - 2018 New Arrival

Let’s get to know this quick dry short swim trunk which has medium length of 16 inches. This product has beautiful colors of blue and white; hence, it super fits for outdoor activities like water sports, running, etc. Since it is light and comfortable, you can wear it at home too. Furthermore, it is created from polyester and brief mesh lining for long lasting and great texture. Alongside, there are two side pockets and one at the back.

2. APTRO Men’s Swim Trunks Palm Tree Beach Shorts With Mesh Lining and Pockets

APTRO Men's Swim Trunks Palm Tree Beach Shorts With Mesh Lining and Pockets

Do you want to get a pair of palm tree beach shorts? It is a swim trunk which is made from polyester and drawstring in waistband in purpose for freely adjustment to your right size. Aside from natural pattern, it has aqua color that makes great visual for beach. The fabric of it can get dry real quick as it is breathable and anti-bacterial at the same time. Moreover, you will get a feeling of gentleness and creamy when wearing it.

1. Columbia Men’s Whidbey II Hybrid Water Swim Short

Columbia Men's Whidbey II Hybrid Water Swim Short

This product is among the last highly recommended best swim trunks. It is a new arrival. It is made out of nylon poplin with UPF 50 plus which serves a great function of smoothness. It is safe for machine wash so that you don’t have to worry and wash it by hands. Outstandingly, it doesn’t have drawstring, instead, adjustable buckle is constructed alongside with elastic waistband to secure even stronger on your body.


There are specific reasons why men prefer swim trunks to wear both indoor and outdoor. As you have known about advantages of the above best swim trunks and also many good new arrivals of swim trunks for men, you may want to purchase one right now. To sum up, these pants have individually uniqueness and features that can serve you and satisfy you in your own preference. You can wear these best swim trunks at any various circumstance as they offer ultimate comfort to you.